PRS for Music and PPL and PRS for Music logoPPL currently offer joint licensing arrangements for:

PPL and PRS for Music are keen to ensure that obtaining a music licence is an easy, efficient and transparent process . Together we are working hard to continually improve this experience for all of our customers.

Each year we license hundreds of thousands of customers to use music as part of their business. Without the support of licensing royalties songwriters, composers and performing members cannot continue to make the music we all love.

Throughout 2016 we will continue to work together on marketing activities such as trade exhibitions, awareness campaigns and hosting member events to raise awareness of our licences and services.

We will continue to actively explore opportunities to work more closely at an operational level and offer joint licences where possible as part of our ongoing efforts to simplify and streamline music licensing for our customers and members.

Our Small Business Music Users Panel is now in its third year of operation and enables representatives from a wide range of sectors to raise particular issues with us on behalf of their members. It also enables us to update trade bodies on any future activities that we are planning to work together on and to gain valuable feedback on our existing joint licences and processes. 

In February 2016, PPL and PRS for Music announced that, following a strategic review commenced in 2015, the two companies plan to create a joint venture. The new company, jointly and equally owned by PPL and PRS for Music, would focus on serving all PPL and PRS for Music UK public performance licensing customers and is anticipated to start licensing in 2017.  There’s a lot of work to do before the new joint venture can launch, including engaging with the relevant regulators. 

The JV will further streamline the experience for you, our customers obtaining public performance licences, allowing you to secure a joint PPL and PRS for Music licence with a single phone call or a few clicks on the web, paid for with a single invoice.

Peter Leathem, CEO, PPL commented, “Both our organisations firmly believe that the proposed joint venture would be a very positive development for both our customers and our members, building on the successful joint licensing solutions and other joint working initiatives that PPL and PRS for Music have delivered over the last few years.”

Robert Ashcroft, Chief Executive, PRS for Music, said, “Creating a single point of contact for our UK public performance customers would allow us to significantly simplify music licensing for UK businesses. It is in our members’ and customers’ interests to ensure that our licensing is ever more accurate and efficient. A joint venture between our organisations would be a landmark event for both societies.”